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                    .The thirteenth session of Liaoning T 2014-8-18
                    .Jinzhou World Garden Expo 2013-5-10
                    .Good luck to the New Year 2013-2-19
                    High voltage power
                    capacitor series
                      Low voltage power
                    capacitor series
                      Capacitance voltage
                    absorber series
                      Motor capacitor series
                      DC capacitor series
                      Reactor series
                      High voltage compen-
                    sation device
                      Series of low voltage
                    compensation device
                      Dynamic compensa-
                    tion device
                    Complete sets of com-
                    ponents series
                       More products
                    Jinzhou Rui Huang Capacitor Co., Ltd. is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises,our products are widely used in all areas of society, such as the paper industry, sugar industry, cement, petrochemical, mining, steel mills , telecommunications, automotive, power systems.
                    Our main products are: High voltage capacitor series, self-healing low voltage shunt capacitor, smart capacitor,R-C dry over-voltage absorber, Motor start capacitor (CD60), Running capacitor series(CBB60\CBB61\CBB65), and some special capacitor . GGDB Reactive Compensator, GGZB Reactive Compensator, DDGB Reactive Compensator . Product is an independent research and development, high-tech products with
                    independent intellectual property rights. The company has been committed to the development of high-tech products, and domestic and joint scientific research institutions, has strong technical force. Products are designed using computer…
                    Jinzhou Rui Huang capacitor Co., Ltd. all rights reserved.    
                    Address: Xining province Jinzhou city Liaoning Taihe District No. 41
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